About Us

We are manufacturers of E- Rickshaw and E-cart . We have availed all clearances to sell , register these Battery operated vehicles in Karnataka. We assemble these vehicles at our works.

We are a small scale industry. We are basically tool and die makers , specialized in Mechanical and Hydraulic fixtures for machining purpose. We have catered to other tooling and precision -engineering field as well. We have a conventional tool-room with a modest design , manufacturing and inspection facility.

We wanted to diversify in to a specialized field with a product which had a futuristic approach , at the same time was meant for greater good of society at large. Battery operated vehicles was one such product which we came across. We were well equipped to handle it. The absence of such products in Karnataka , and the novalities associated with product strengthened our resolve.

Our endeavour to utilize renewable energy in the field of transport was a novel concept . It was a supportive equipment for the work force. The various utilities and the expected variants was good enough reason to encourage us further in to this endevour.

Now we have more than 5 models of three wheeler already approved and marketable product , which run only on electric charge. We have got all the prerequisite clearances from the Department of Transport , Govt of Karnataka.

We are quite excited about these proven vehicles , but quite new to karnataka market. These are lighter on pockets and environmental friendly with out the noise.

Niriksha Brand is Promoted by Shristi the Design Zone.


1) Passenger

2) Loader Very suitable Distribution , collections , pick ups of goods.

3) Garbage , For Solid waste management.

4) Heavy Loader - In bond , For high terrain places and heavy load carrying capacity .

5) Four Wheeler - Golf cart and Luxury ride Cart. - 4 seater , - 6 seater , 8 seater , 10 seater.

6) Customized solutions Example - For Amusement park , Joy ride for children , Rail- train look alike etc ,,, with electric drive .

We are proud of our business! Buy our E-cart E-Rickshaw Now

• Environmental Friendly - These vehicles are absolutely environmental friendly as it uses clean energy and also have its chracteristics such as emissionless, low noise.

• Economical - The operational cost of these vehicles are very less as compared to other petroleum based vehicles because the cost of electricity per Km is very less compared to cost of petroleum produts(petrol/diesel/gas). The maintainanace cost of these vehicles is very less due to minimum wear and tear and simple parts.

• Convenient These vehicles are very easy to drive, these are very useful in HOP OFF/ HOP ON as there is minimum loss of energy in idling. The vehicles can run in Forward and Reverse directions at the same power and speed.

• Our vehicles have been approved from ICAT (International center for Automotive Technology), CIRT (central institute of road transport) and ARAI

• Our vehicles are also approved from the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka.